RST Race Dept V4.1 Kangaroo Airbag Mens Leather Suit - Black

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Airbag. The ultimate in safety for road & track. Developed for the world’s most extreme racing environments, the V4.1 is a true racing suit. Constructed with a 60/40 split of the highest quality Kangaroo and Grade A Cowhide, reinforced with Aramid protection and fitted with a full suite of level 2 CE armour, the V4.1 exceeds the highest AAA CE rating.

Reverse hook/loop factory knee sliders, elbow sliders and inner knee grippers further enhance the V4.1’s real racing pedigree. Every V4.1 will also come with a one year complimentary racing algorithm upgrade.

The Airbag system can be DIY recharged a further 3 times before an inspection of the suit is required which upon a satisfactory outcome can then be recharged a further 3 times and so on. There is a monthly lease with In&Motion of £12 (or £120 for the year) for the unit which will ensure that your Airbag garment will benefit from the latest greatest algorithms along with a continual warranty offering for as long as you continue your lease. This can be stopped at any time by simply sending the in&Motion box back to them.

The unit is interchangeable between all RST garments, so if you want an Airbag Touring Jacket as well as a Race suit, only one box is required.

CE Certification Rating: AAA, Back Protector: In&motion CE Back Protector, Shoulder Armour: CE Level 2, Elbow Armour: CE Level 2, Hip Armour: CE Level 2, Knee Armour: CE Level 1, Shoulder Cup: TPU, Knee Cup: TPU, Airbag: In&motion System.

Brand RST
Size L / UK 44 / EU 54
Colour Black

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