Meet The Staff At Seastar Superbikes

We are only ever as good as our team.

Dealer Principal

Vince Vrinten

Vince started Seastar Superbikes over 30 years ago. It was his passion for motorcyles that got him involved in the trade. This passion has extended to many other areas of the business but his focus is a continual drive to constantly build on customer service. His philosophy for the running of the shop is simple; “Treat as you would want to be treated”. This philosophy has given him the satisfaction of making friends out of so many customers.

Motorcycle Sales Manager

Tony Summerfield

Tony has only ever worked in the motorcycle trade. Since joining us some 8 years ago he is now in overall charge of Motorcycle sales. Specialist subjects include Ducati and Kawasaki thanks to continual manufacturer training but he also has a wealth of knowledge regarding all of the other brands of used bikes that we sell. Any questions about bikes, he’s definately your man – just don’t ask him to fix one !

Clothing Advisor

Connor Locke

Connor has joined us at the end of 2018. Having been trained by the manufacturers of the Apparel and Helmets that we sell he is well equipped to help you in your clothing selection and to ensure that your helmet fits correctly. Where possible he will tailor these to your requirements.

Parts Manager

Dave George

Dave (our silver fox) retired from the Airforce where he served his time as an aicraft technician. He joined our team well over 10 years ago to look after our parts and accessory department. He has a lifelong passion for motorcyles that shines through with his in depth knowledge of all bolt on parts. His attention to detail is incredible – but then you would probably want that from someone that worked on your aeroplane !

Chief Technician and MOT Tester

Nick Meredith

Nick joined us in the early nineties so has looked after the workshops for over 25 years. His wealth of knowledge, vast experience and eagerness to stay up to date with the ever advancing technologies ensures that no job is too much in the workshops here at Seastar Superbikes. In addition to being fully up to date with the the latest manufacturer training, he is also ATA acredited.

Technician and Dyno Operator

Steve Cudden

Steve has been with us for over 20 years, all of these being workshop based. As with all of our staff, Steve is being continually factory trained by both Kawasaki and Ducati in order to keep abreast of the latest technologies. In addition to this, he has been running our Dyno for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience in fuel tuning and diagnostics.  In addition to being fully up to date withe the latest manufacturer training, he is also ATA acredited.

Technician and MOT Tester

Steve Cantle

Steve has decades of experience as a Motorcycle Technician. He has achieved Master Technician status with Harley Davidson. This is no mean feat as currently there are only 3 in the UK to reach this level of expertise. His heart and soul however are in the two brands that we represent so when he saw our most recent workshop vacancy he leapt at the chance to re-join our team. As with the rest of the workshop team, Steve partakes in the ongoing manufacturer training schemes, he is also ATA acredited.

Office Manager

Lisa Catchpole

Lisa pretty much runs our back office. Looking after the administration, payroll, accounts and all of the other areas that are needed to keep Seastar ticking. Only generally seen on the shop floor when she is chasing one or other member of staff for their paperwork…. that’s a scary thing to watch !

Digital Marketing Manager

Cheryl Vrinten

Cheryl looks after the website and all Social Media Platforms. With over 20 years experience in digital marketing and website optimisation it is her job to ensure that you get to the information that you are looking for and to keep you updated with our latest activities.

Delivery Driver / Valeter

Paul Phillips

Paul not only delivers our bikes for us but he also makes sure they are spick and span before they leave here. He has a passion for motorcycles and with decades of driving experience, your pride and joy will be safe in his hands. He plays a mean accordian too !

Vision Technician

Doug Cudden

Doug has been cleaning up after us for years. Making sure that the showrooms stay spick and span. (Not an easy job when Vince keeps extending the shop).