Used Motorcycle Warranties

Get 12 months peace of mind on a used motorcycle.

What's covered?

Here at Seastar Superbikes we have looked carefully at the value we offer within our services. Why do customers come to a dealer? – Quality, Trust, Advice and Peace of Mind!!

With this in mind we worked hard with our warranty company to come up with a 12 month warranty cover on ALL non competition machines under 10 years old that should put your mind completely to rest. The details of the covers offered vary slightly upon the age of the motorcycle concerned. Here are the facts in black & white.

Please note that as is the case with any warranty it is your resposibility to return the bike to us in order to carry out any repairs.


For bikes less than 5 years old

£500 per claim for a 12 month period


For bikes over 5 years old

£350 per claim for a 12 month period


For bikes over 10 years old

£350 per claim for a 12 month period

  • Gold
    Silver & Bronze
  • Cylinder head (excluding cracks), all internal bushes, camshafts and followers, cylinder bores, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder block or barrels crankcase assembly, cylinder head gasket, push rods, gudgeon pins, connecting rods and bearings, flywheel, oil pump, tappet gear, pistons and rings, timing gears, chain and belts (breakage only), valves and guides (except burnt out valves, decarbonising and reseating). Two stroke power valve assemblies limited to £200.00 inc. V.A.T.
  • Manual and automatic, internal breakdown of any mechanical parts, including gears, selector shafts and forks, bearings and bushes, excluding all external linkages and kickstart.
  • Water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, radiator, oil cooler, fan, (excluding belts, all ancilaries and damage caused by impact or frost).
  • All bushes and components within the swing arm unit (excluding dampers).
  • Mechanical breakdown, excluding wear and tear.
  • Starter motor, alternator/generator, rectifier (to a maximum of £250 per claim inc. V.A.T.) excluding external wires and terminals.
  • C.D.I. unit to the maximum of £200 inc V.A.T.
  • Driveshafts, universal joints, bearings and gears, (excluding chains, belts, sprockets and rubber couplings).
  • Loss of fluid, pressure or mechanical breakdown of the suspension spring.
  • Brake master cylinder and calipers including internal components, pistons, seals (excluding corrosion or wear and tear).
  • Covered if they have been damaged by the breakdown of one of the parts covered.
  • Speedometer head, (mechanical failure only to a maximum of £100 inc. V.A.T.)
  • Rear suspension unit, loss of fluid, pressure or mechanical breakdown of the suspension joint (to a max of £150 per claim inc V.A.T.).
  • Failure of a structural member, excluding that caused by impact or corrosion. (to a maximum of £100 inc. V.A.T.).
  • Leaks that require the removal of the engine, gearbox or final drive in order to effect a repair.