Ducati Semi-Rigid Side Pannier Set 50 Lt (25+25)

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25-litre side panniers in thermoformed ABS sheets lined with polyester. These sturdy yet light panniers come with fixing brackets and quick-release system. Thanks to their special design, these side panniers strike a perfect balance between carrying capacity (enough for a helmet) and a slick, aerodynamic profile. They are fitted with waterproof zippers and padlocks, reflective inserts, and rainproof cover. Cannot be installed together with standard and Ducati Performance- Cannot be installed together with standard and Ducati Performance passenger seat covers. Capacity: LH side 25l + 5l extension; RH side 22l+5l extension. Avail. capacity = max 5 kg per pannier; limit speed = max 130 km/h with panniers installed.


Brand Ducati
Material Multi
Product Code: DU96780321B-GROUP

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