Kawasaki Premium Outdoor Cover Xl + Top Case

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The dual layer cover has a soft polycotton lining protecting against scratches. On the outside the cover consists of 200 Denier Polyester dyed with polyurethane coating. The flaps on the front make it breathable and there are holes- and a pouch for a chain lock. The bottom is elastic and has a belly strap which will hold it in place. The XL version includes a zippered expandable top case compartment.Size M:039PCU0016 Size XL + Top Case: 039PCU0018Size M fits for example: Ninja 300, Ninja 400, ER-6N, ZX-6, Z800, Z900, Z1000, W800, Z1000SX (including panniers), ZX-10, H2 & H2R, Ninja H2 SX (without panniers), Z900RSSize XL fits for example: Versys 650, Versys 1000, GTR, VN1700, Ninja H2 SX with panniers, J125/300


Brand Kawasaki
Product Code: 039PCU0018-GROUP

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