Ducati Titanium racing silencers

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Set of slip on Titanium/Carbon underbelly Exhausts. Can be fitted with Downpipe system to upgrade to full system. Note: Caution: indication of exhaust type-approval in a specific country only applies to the specified country. For the rest of the world, the same exhaust must be considered “Racing”, i.e. designed for competition vehicles, only used in a closed racetrack. Law forbids use of the motorcycle out of closed racetracks if this exhaust is installed. Weight reduction [kg] 4.0, Power at medium rpm [hp +2%, Torque at medium rpm [Nm] +9%, Max. Power [hp] +2.5%, Max. Torque [Nm] +2%


Brand Ducati
Material Titanium
Product Code: DU96481731AA-GROUP

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