Ducati DTC Evo 2

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Ducati Traction & Wheelie Control Evo 2 is now available also for V4 and V4S. Derived from Ducati MotoGp 2018, it was designed for V4R and V4 R Sbk. It not only interfaces with the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit and adapts its intervention and bike sliding to bike leaning angle, but the software also considerably improves power management out of bends thanks to the new predictive control strategy. It works on rear spinning instant value, and also on its variation, intercepting grip loss more quickly and reducing slipping peaks, which ensures a faster a smoother intervention. This translates into a greater vehicle stability when exiting bends also when grip is not excellent, enhanced acceleration and improved performance both on single laps and on the long run. Furthermore, the DTC EVO 2, not only works on ignition advance and injection, but also works the throttle body valves when no fast control is required, thereby ensuring that ideal combustion parameters are maintained and obtaining a smoother engine response. The software was designed to considerably improve the racing performance of any rider using slick tyres (or rain tyres when it rains) no matter whether s/he uses the Ducati Performance Racing exhaust or the stock one.


Brand Ducati
Material Multi
Product Code: DU96580201A-GROUP

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