15 Oct 2013 |

Kawasaki J300 Scooter Launches in UK

Kawasaki are delving into the urban and sub urban 'personal transport' market or to me and you - they're introducing their first ever scooter!

Kawasaki are delving into the urban and sub urban 'personal transport' market or to me and you – they're introducing their first ever scooter!

Styled in-house by Kawasaki's design team, the new J300 scooter features exciting Kawasaki visual cues that Mr Fukumoto, head of KHI’s Styling Department comments: “It was of great importance that our first step into the European scooter market should be with a machine that embodied Kawasaki’s cutting edge design, we are happy that we have achieved this with the styling features of the new J300”.

If you are wondering what the 'J' stands for, Mr Fukumoto added “J stands for Jyounetsu which means passion in Japanese. We approached the styling and design of the J300 with the same passion as for our other significant new models for the 2014 season”.

Whilst the Kawasaki J300 may not get your heart racing, Kawasaki have reacted to a gap in their motorcycle market.  This new scooter will compliment other successful urban Kawasaki's including the popular ER series and the versatile city charm of the Versys. 

The J300 will be available from Kawasaki Dealers later this year and should appeal to smart commuters but also attract new riders to the Kawasaki brand.  The scooter will be unveiled to press and public at the EICMA show in Milan on 5 November and will also be on display at the NEC in Birmingham at Motorcycle Live from 23 November.