Ducati Mens Vest D-Air Ducati - Black

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The Ducati D-air® Street vest, which can be worn over any type of clothing, is both protective and versatile. Equipped with the innovative D-air® Street system, this garment has a waistband with integrated trigger button that maintains the protective system in position. The presence of a certified Wave back guard completes the garment’s protections. D-air® Street is an innovative system for the safety of bikers which is destined for road use and is made up of two separate parts: an assembly of sensors and electronic components pre-installed on the bike, and an electronic unit that, together with the pneumatic device in the garment itself, has the job of activating the protective airbag device. Polyester mesh fabric, 3D mesh lining for |D |air® airbag system, Adjustable waist fastening, D-air® Street airbag system with 3D expansion control, Idraflap front fastening, Can be worn over any type of clothing, 1 outer pocket, Reflex inserts, Product designed for road use, Can be worn both by the bike rider and by the passenger simultaneously, Integrated Vibramotor in waistband. Back protector certified according to regulation EN 1621.2/2003 (Lev. 1).


Brand Ducati
Gender Mens
Material Textile
Features Airbag
Colour Black
Product Code: APP000699-GROUP

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