Ducati Ladies Smart Airbag Vest - Black

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Lightweight, ventilated, stretch, foldable, water-resistant, wearable over and under every jacket and with every outfit – Standalone D-air airbag system that requires no cables or connections to the bike – Patented sack that, thanks to a microfilament structure, guarantees a uniform and controlled inflation, offering the same level of protection in every single inch of the vest area. – Control unit equipped with 7 sensors that monitors and processes data 1,000 times per second. The algorithm controls the activation of the airbag in the event of a slide, fall, impact with an object or other vehicle, or rear-end collision (even in the event of an impact with a stationary vehicle, like when stopping at intersections). – Abrasion-resistant, pull-resistant, anti-pilling polyester outer mesh – Stretch fabric on the sides – Fixed internal mesh in nylon – 2 outer pockets Reflex inserts Dainese patented bag featuring microfilament structure that ensures even, controlled inflation, offering the same level of protection over the entire vest area – Protects the rider’s back and vital parts – Protection afforded is equivalent to that of 7 back protectors, and covers a larger area yet takes up less space than a back protector – Garment CE certified (Reg. EU 2016-425) (DUC21)

Brand Ducati
Gender Ladies
Material Textile
Features AirbagVentilated
Colour Black

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Product Code: DU981072552-GROUP

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