Ducati Ducati Zumo 395 Satellite Navigator Kit

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Equipped with prearrangement for ergonomic installation on the motorbike through top support, which makes it clearly visible also with tank bags thanks to a wide 4.3″ screen. It fully meets the most demanding bikers’ needs. Its interface is easy to use also while wearing gloves. It features a robust and water-proof structure, resistant to fuel spray and UV rays. It has a Bluetooth module that allows calling in hands-free mode (when connected to your Smartphone, by means of earphones and compatible helmets) and listening to music in the internal MP3 player. It memorises the track of the travelled paths that can be exported to a PC for storage and exchange with other users in wireless mode. The outfit is complemented by the “Round Trip”, “TrackBack®”, “Percorsi avventurosi” (adventurous routes) and Rider Alerts functions, thanks to which the user is promptly informed on speed limit variations and on the presence of speed cameras or cameras on traffic lights.

Brand Ducati
Material Multi

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Product Code: DU96680592A-GROUP