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Inventive, youthful and free-spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is much more than a bike, It’s a land of joy, freedom and self-expression.

Scrambler Cafe Racer 2017


Ducati have done it again. Take a Scrambler and give it a completely new identity. The Scrambler Café Racer truly conjours up visions of the original Café Racers that flew around London in the Sixties. They have given this bike a new soul. A very clever contemporary twist of history.

Scrambler Classic 2017


Scrambler Classic by Ducati. True to it's name this 800cc twin is classic in every way. Tan seat, spoked rims, classic early Ducati orange with brushed aluminium mudguards. There is a Scrambler out there for everyone - what would you change on yours.

Scrambler Desert Sled 2017


Ducati's Scrambler Desert Sled has taken a leap towards the wild side. This is a "Casual Enduro" with a 19" front wheel, Scorpion Rally on/off road tyres and longer travel suspension, the Desert Sled will take you places that no other Scrambler can go. Fun Everywhere.

Scrambler Full Throttle 2017


The very sporty Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle in it's satin black and yellow livery has a distinctive look. This Scambler version comes with the road legal Termignoni double barrel muffler that along with the cast wheels sets this bike off a treat. The 800cc engine really packs some punch.

Scrambler Icon 2017


The base model of the 800cc Scrambler range is the Ducati Scrambler Icon. Available in Red or Yellow there is something really evocative about the simplicity of design of this bike. It is begging for you to open the Scrambler accessory catalogue so you can put your stamp on it and make it yours.

Scrambler Mach 2 2017


The Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 in it's very distinct livery is designed by Roland Sands. Powered by the air-cooled 800cc engine and with lower bars offering a sportier ride than the Scrambler Icon. As with the rest of the Scrambler range, it is begging for you to put your stamp on it. Check out the vast range of Ducati Scramler accessories.

Scrambler Sixty2 2017


Scrambler Sixty2 is the 400cc baby brother to the earlier 800cc range from Ducati. Like all Scrambler family members, the Sixty2 really does have it's own character. Ducati have labelled it the Pop Icon. We are sure that once you have finished with the Scrambler Accessory catalogue, you will have given your Scrambler Sixty2 a whole new character.

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