The all new Ducati Hypermotard takes the original concept of a bike that was made purely for fun and excitement and has now been greatly enhanced to not only continue to offer this but much much more.

The new Hypermotard comes in two models, the standard Hypermotard and the Hypermotard SP.

This bike uses a new bespoke 821cc water-cooled Testastretta 11’ engine that makes a staggering 110hp with an unprecedented level of torque. This engine is shared by the new Ducati Hyperstrada.


Ducati Hypermotard

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Both versions of the Hypermotard have been fitted with an APTC oil bathed clutch with slipper function. Its design uses a progressive self servo system that has plates with a higher wear coefficient, this avoids rear wheel lock up and engine over rev whilst offering the lightest of clutches at the handlebar.

With regards to the chassis they not only use a new trellis frame but a new rear swing arm too. Both of these items have been designed with exact and precise handling in mind whilst not compromising in comfort. The riding position is considerably more relaxed than the previous Hypermotards with the bars brought up and back.

Service intervals have been increased with a huge 30,000 kms (18,750 Miles) between valve clearance checks.

Both 2013 Hypermotard models benefit from the Ducati safety pack consisting of both Ducati traction control (DTC) and ABS.

The ABS system used on the Hypermotard is the Bosch 9MP. This system offers varying combinations of safety and braking power providing shorter stopping distances and greater stability under braking. Both versions offer 2 levels of braking assistance.

ABS Level 1 sports mode, ensures high braking performance with reduced anti-lift up control for sports use on the road.

ABS Level 2 Touring and Urban, this mode offers maximum stability over a range of services and maximum control over rear wheel lift up.

ABS can also be de-activated via the dashboard.

The Hypermotard SP offers a third mode – Race. In race mode the ABS function is activated on the front wheel only and the anti-lift function is also disabled.

The ride modes include Touring and Wet modes. Each one of these modes not only changes the amount of power and the throttle response but also change the level of ABS intervention and the level of traction control. Each mode is switchible on the move by a single press of a button on the switchgear (and can be tailor adjusted and committed to the ECU memory for individual riders, but only when the bike is at a halt).

The Hypermotard SP also has three riding modes but as with the ABS system the modes are different to the other bikes due to its racing pedigree. The first mode Race as the name suggests is for fast track or road riding with minimum intervention from the electronic aids and a maximum throttle response. Sports and Wet mode are as the standard Hypermotard and Hyperstrada.

The SP model further shows its racing pedigree with added light weight equipment such as forged 1199S style three spoke Marchesini wheels. Carbon fibre belt covers and front mudguard, along with fully adjustable lightweight Marzocchi front forks and Ohlins rear shock.

All of these add up to a saving of 4kg over the standard Hypermotard. The SP model also comes as standard with super sticky Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres.

Thanks to the availability of an optional 20mm lower seat, varying seat heights are available throughout the range.

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