A Cowasaki Anyone?

18th March 2014

A Cowasaki Anyone?

65 year old Orange City, Florida resident Reese Moore, is a little obsessed with making cool art out of animal bones.  His latest project is a motorcycle aptly called ‘Cowasaki’ mainly because it is made from cow bones.  

He also used bones from alligators, raccoons and pigs.  This is not Mr Moore's first motorcycle creation, in fact he's been building bone motorcycles for over 10 years, despite not riding himself.

His bone building start after making an eight-foot model T-rex dinosaur for his kids which was then sold to a bar in the Daytona area.  After joking with the owner that he would make a motorcycle out of bones for Bike Week, when the bar owner said it couldn't be done, he took this as a challenge!

 “I just love working with bones,” he told the Daytona Beach News-Journal.  When he was asked how many bones were used to build the motorcycle, Mr Moore said: “Well, it usually takes about three to four cow skulls, two to three alligator skulls, goat, wolf, raccoon, turtle, and pig bones.”  “Also it takes one cow’s back for each of the wheels.”
The ‘Cowasaki’ bone motorcycle which took a year to make is currently on display at Dunn’s Attic & Auction House in Ormond Beach for $55,000 (£33,108).  Although there have been several previous owners....a cow or two, raccoon, alligator, goat and so the list goes on.

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