5 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding

10th December 2013

5 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding

With the right kit and some common sense there's no reason you can't ride your motorcycle through the winter months.

Riding your bike in winter demands caution and can be treacherous but with some small changes to your riding style you can face the hazards that the winter weather throws at us.

Stay Warm

Invest in some proper winter riding gear and keep the cold out, it will make all the difference and make you more comfortable.  Motorcycle technology has greatly improved and a pair of waterproof motorcycle gloves or handlebar muffs will keep your hands warm and dry which is essential.  Cold fingers don't respond as quickly which it why heated grips were invented, there really is no reason for cold hands.

Respect the road

Whether it's soggy leaves on the road, wet and greasy roads, black ice or snow you need to take care and respect the fact that there will be much less grip so adjust and adapt your riding style and slow down.  Don't forget that motorists and pedestrians are also affected by the winter cold so expect the unexpected - even more so than usual!


Winter brings visibility problems such as fog or low winter sun so be aware.  Bikers also need to be as visible as possible to other road users, wear reflective hi-vis clothing to help other road users to see you.  It's a good idea to signal earlier to give as much notice as possible to road users of your intentions.

Motorcycle Checks

Simple checks should be carried out regularly, but its even more important in the winter.  Check your lights are working, visible and dirt free.  Also make sure you tyres are appropriate for winter riding and the colder conditions and check the pressure.  An anti-misting spray on visors and mirrors is a must!

Get a Winter Hack

If your pride and joy is safely tucked away in your garage, why not consider another bike for winter (you can never have enough bikes!) just make sure its reliable and you've got yourself a commuter for the winter months to brave the gritted roads.

Are you a hardy all weather rider or do you prefer a dry and sunny day?  Finally, don't worry to much with the shortest day of the year on 21 December, spring will be here before you know it.

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