5 Things They Never Told You About Becoming a Biker

7th January 2014

5 Things They Never Told You About Becoming a Biker

Love motorcycles, well whether you've just passed your test or are getting back into motorbikes after a few years away (and need a reminder!), here's a few things they never told you about becoming a biker.

1. Animals, Insects & Bees

What's this got to do with biking, well the first time you encounter a bee on your bike at anything over 30mph, you'll understand. If a bee hits your face or neck it feels like you been shot. Then when you discover it's still inside your helmet panic really sets in, leading to an emergency stop and manic flaying of arms, removal of helmet, only to find no trace of the pesky thing!

Animals too, seem to have kamikaze tendencies, especially on our rural roads here in Norfolk, deer fling themselves in front of you and even cats seem to wait to hear the approach of a bike! Seriously animals are no laughing matter when riding!

2. Nodding Etiquette

Ok so this point is fairly well known that bikers nod or wave to other bikers but do you nod to all bikers? What about scooters and cruisers do they count if you ride a sports bike? Do you give an extra big nod and a wave to other bikers who ride the same brand as you - after all they've got good taste.

3. Time Keeping

Usually in a car you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, once on a motorcycle this changes and you lose the ability to tell the time. You pop out for a quick ride, only to return hours later and you're not even sure where you have been. You'll also find yourself going 100 miles out of your way pasting several other similar outlets along the way just for the fun of it.

4. Making New Friends

Whether you want it or not, whilst minding your own business and just stopping for a coffee and butty break you will be approached by strangers (fellow bikers and old men) to discuss the in's and out's of every bike they have ever owned.

5. White lines and Manhole Covers

A serious one here, crossing lumpy white lines and slippery manhole covers (especially when raining) are potential dangers for bikers. Being prepared for them is half the battle so think ahead and take care. 

Can you add any more to the list?

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