26 Jul 2016 |

Top 3 Motorcycle Touring Destinations in Europe

Here are 3 popular motorcycling destinations - some warmer than others. Where would you go?

Here are 3 popular motorcycling destinations – some warmer than others. Where would you go?

If you're looking for inspiration to get away this summer on the bike, take a look at our top 3 motorcycle touring destinations in Europe.

1. The Stelvio Pass, Italy

Usually open from June to the beginning of November, the Stelvio Pass starts in Prato allo Stelvio and takes you to Bormio. This world renowned zig zag road is also called the queen of alpine routes, the motorcycle Promised Land and the most winding road in Europe.

When it comes to motorcycle touring in Europe, it has to be on the list, with its sharp corners and high altitude it requires accuracy and the riders undivided attention. At 2.757 meters above sea level, it's the highest road pass to ride in Italy, near the Switzerland border.

It's also among the top 10 most dangerous roads on the earth, so certainly deserves some respect. When Top Gear featured the Stelvio Pass in 2008 they announced it to be the best driving road in the world but its been an epic route for bikers and motorcyclists for a lot longer than that! 

2. D618 / 918, France

Another popular route amongst bikers is the D618 in France in the St Girons region of Southern France. While you climb to the summit some 1569 metres you can take in the stunning French scenery and views as you pass through villages along the way.

If you're looking for maximum enjoyment on a motorcycle tour then, the D618 leaves Bouleternere and winds it way through mountains and greenery, perfect for sports touring. You can experience the French countryside on a challenging and fascinating ride and be rewarded with peak views when you reach the top. 

3. Cat & Fiddle Run, Macclesfield

We had to include a UK tour and whilst Brexit has seen us leave the European Union, geographically we're still part of Europe.

There are many great UK motorcycle roads and coastlines, but one good example is the Cat and Fiddle run in Macclesfield in East Midlands. You may not always find the sunshine, but you will find long stretching paths which are perfect for cruising and seeing some rural English countryside. 

You'll also be rewarded with the road's namesake when you reach the summit of the ride, being the Cat & Fiddle Inn public house – for a soft drink only of course!

Feel free to add and share your own top European motorcycle touring destinations in the comments section.

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