1 Mar 2016 |

Springtime Motorcycle Check List Tips

The 1st March is officially the first day of Spring, but with a temperature of 5 degrees outside and heavy rain its certainly not feeling much like Springtime.

The 1st March is officially the first day of Spring, but with a temperature of 5 degrees outside and heavy rain its certainly not feeling much like Springtime.

New 16 plate registrations also make an appearance today, congratulations to our hardy customers who have collected their new motorcycles.

Looking on the positive side, Spring is just around the corner and if you're itching to get back on your bike now is the time to take a moment and get your bike prepared. So before you get revved up and kick start the motorcycling season make sure your bike is in peak condition.

After a winter in storage, use this handy motorcycle check list to ensure your bike is in tip top condition to get back on the road.

Tyres & Wheels

  • Inspect your wheels to ensure they are round (no flat spots), free from cracks and dents, and that there are no problems with the spokes.

  • Check your tyres for wear and tear, as well as bulges, cracks or any objects that may have become embedded in the tread.

  • With temperature changes, rubber and metal expand at different rates, which can cause tyres to lose air and need to be topped up in the spring. Get out your owner’s manual and find the optimal air pressure, or check the sidewalls of the tyres.

Oil & Fluids

  • Check the engine oil, gear oil, shaft drive, hydraulic fluid, coolant and fuel. Replace fluids that are degraded and top-up fluids that are running low.

  • Visually check to ensure there are no leaks, especially if you notice fluid levels that are particularly low for no apparent reason – the liquid had to go somewhere!


  • If your battery was removed for the winter, reinstall it, checking the connections on the terminals to ensure that the cables are connected tightly.

  • Ensure terminals are free of dust, debris and corrosion, as that can cause poor and inconsistent electrical performance.


  • Inspect the lenses on the lights for cracks, and check that they are attached securely.

  • Check the headlight and ensure it is aimed correctly. Make sure both the high and low beams work.

  • Check the indicators and brake lights for operation, and ensure they are clean and securely attached.


  • Check all levers and ensure they are not broken or bent.

  • Inspect all cables for kinks, folds, or fraying and test that your bike’s cables do not interfere with steering.

  • Check all hoses and look for problems indicated by cuts, cracks, bulges, or leaks. Make sure that the hoses do not get in the way of steering or suspension.

  • Check the throttle to ensure it moves freely.


  • Check the frame for any lifting paint, cracks, or dents, as this could indicate a structural concern.

  • Check the belt or chain for the proper tension. Add lubrication if required, and check that the teeth are mounted properly.

  • Check that stand(s) are not cracked or bent and they have enough tension to hold the bike in position.

For most of these adjustments you can refer to your motorcycle owner’s manual, or give our Service Department a call on 01508 471919 or email service@seastarsuperbikes.co.ukand ensure that your bike is road ready for when the sun does come out!