10 Jun 2020 |

5 Tips to Improve Your Motorcycle Riding

We all love our bikes but we never stop learning and in the world of motorcycling we really want to avoid the mistakes. At best it’s costly and if you’re not so lucky it could hurt more than just your pocket.

Here’s some of our handy tips on improving your riding skills.

1.  Get into the habit of riding with one finger on the brake lever, by ‘arming’ your brakes you can still use the throttle, but if you need to brake fast, having your finger already on the brake will give you an advantage.

2.  Filtering is legal as long as you comply with all traffic signs, road markings and filter with due care and attention. Look way ahead, keep your motorcycle in a low gear and anticipate being side-swiped.

3.  When riding in a group, don’t get drawn into a corner by riding out of your comfort zone. If your mates are riding too quick for you, let them go and ride at your own speed. They’ll wait for you at the next junction or arrange a meeting point.

4.  When coming up to a car looking to turn out of a junction, watch their wheels. They’re the very first things to move and you’ll instantly know if they’re staying put or whether they’re about to pull out in front of you.

5.  Look where you want to go, your bike will go where you’re looking, so if you’ve messed up a corner get fixated on the hedge, look around the bend where you want to go.  On most occasions the bike is capable of getting around the corner, even if you think it can’t, look at the exit and you’ve a good chance of getting through.

And one for luck….

6.  When riding in the wet, keep it smooth and avoid any heavy accelerating or braking as they can over-load the tyres. There is a surprising amount of grip in the wet, but look out for slippy areas including white lines and manhole covers and always brake in a straight line.

Looking for some further advice?  Take a look at some further and advanced motorcycle training options here .