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Basic, Advanced, Refresher & Skill Set Motorcycle Training

We never stop learning and in the world of motorcycling we really want to avoid the mistakes. At best it's costly and if you're not so lucky it could hurt more than just your pocket.

Here in Norfolk we are so very lucky to have a host of options to further your motorcycle skills at pretty much any level. From Norfolk County Council's "Think! Hugger" initiative offering one to one assessments and training and the Norfolk Constabulary's Safe Rider Courses through to machine control skills offered by i2i and Camrider who are affiliated with us through the MCIA to provide Ducati and Kawasaki manufacturer backed motorcycle training from CBT to full test.

I have had first hand experience of Safe Rider, i2i and have been fortunate enough to ride with Andy Micklethwaite (Ex Police Rider) who's skills smooth riding and forward thinking never cease to amaze me. I cannot recommend any of these courses enough. (Vince/Seastar Superbikes)

Think! Hugger - Take The Challenge

Hugger's Challenge

We work closely with the team at Think! Hugger, many of whom who you may have met at our events and open weekends, where they offer their vast knowledge and experience of motorcycling and motorcycle training.

The Hugger character, who is now an instantly recognised character across the regions roads with hundreds of individuals now having benefited from the 'Hugger Challenge'.  Several training options are available, if you'd like further information, contact Andy Micklethwaite on 01603 638115, email or visit their website where you will find an array of really useful downloads to accelerate your learning curve.

Police Safe Rider - True Roadcraft

Police Safe Rider

Norfolk Constabulary’s Safe Rider scheme is a partnership project with Norfolk County Council. It introduces people to police defensive riding practices through a demonstration ride by a police motorcyclist, and assessed rides. It involves one evening classroom session and a weekend road session with a 3:1 ratio. It is great fun, very relaxed and informal. You may well be amazed what you will learn. It is only available to full licence holders and costs £50. You can download the application form here, contact Andy Micklethwaite 01603 638115, visit their website or email to discuss dates.

i2i Motorcycle Academy - Master The Machine

i2i Motorcycle Acadamy

Radically different to Roadcraft based training but enhance it so that, if you make a mistake, you are less likely to panic and do the wrong thing. You will be much more relaxed with the bike knowing what it is capable of doing.

i2i run various courses at Scottow Enterprise Park (former RAF Coltishall), educating riders into what makes the bike do what it does. You will learn advanced braking techniques, stability exercises, what initiates lean, what holds the bike through turns, slow riding and much more. You can enquire or book online at 

They are priced at £150 per day for MC1 and MC3 with numbers reduced to a maximum of 9 per day to improve the quality of training for customers.

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