Motorcycle Security - Datatag, Alarms & Bike Tracker

Datatag, Alarms and Tracker

Unfortunately, once you have purchased your new 'Pride & Joy', it is time to think about how to hang on to it, that is if your insurance company have not already insisted upon this prior to extending cover for you.

Motorcycle theft, as with all theft, seems to have become part of life. We hear many customers say "well, I'm covered for theft" but they have not taken into account the wrangles with the insurance company to establish value, the fact that even when covered for theft the policy excess will be lost by the victim, not to mention the aggravation of getting home (although please be aware that approximately 80% of motorcycle thefts take place within the perimeter of the owners property - frightening isn't it). Security starts at home.

Below we give you the details of a few insurance recognised theft deterrents including Datatag, alarms and immobilisers and tracker device. The majority of high street insurance companies will offer a premium discount if one or more of these products are used - they have been proven to help reduce the odds.


Datatag Motorcycle Security

The Datatag motorcycle identification system has now been in use for over a decade and there are currently over 400,000 motorcycles protected by Datatag in the UK. The theft rate of these tagged machines is less than a 10th of the rate before Datatag was developed and because of the large number of tagged machines now around the world the whole theft picture for bikes has changed for the better.

Based around electronic transponders that provide an electronic "finger print" to key components the kit also uses chemical etching and includes 1000 microdots for minor components.

Key Benefits:
Visible deterrent to thieves combined with 'electronic fingerprinting'.
Insurance recognised
Proven Datatag technology and established infrastructure

The motorcycle kit comprises of :

  • 3 x DAT300 transponders
  • 2 x DAT100 transponders
  • 12 x stencils + etching fluid
  • 1 x pot Datadots
  • Warning decal

All new Kawasaki and Ducati machines that leave Seastar are fitted with a complimentary datatag kit installed.

Alarm / Immobiliser

There are many motorcycle alarms on the market. When available we would advise the utilisation of alarms that are supplied by the motorcycle manufacturer. Particularly for the newer bikes that run a Can Bus system.

Having fitted many makes and models we have chosen Meta to be the "Alarm of Choice" when there is not a manufacturer option.

Meta M357-T V2 Bike Alarm

Thatcham Category 1 Alarm/Immobiliser

Highly acclaimed, full specification alarm. Received 99% in MCN review and RiDE magazines 'Best Buy'!

"The ultimate Cat. 1 motorcycle alarm / immobiliser. Updated and tuned version of the award winning Thatcham approved M357T. Super high spec combined with great reliability".


  • Anti scan, anti grab rolling code operation
  • Resin bonded construction
  • Integral Microchip movement sensor
  • Water and vibration resistant
  • Failsafe twin circuit immobilisation
  • Sleep mode (zero battery drain)
  • Audible and visual arming signals
  • Passive arming - auto re-arm
  • Secure override facility
  • Low battery warning
  • Ignition key conversion
  • Diagnostic LED
  • Accessory protection feature
  • Hotwire sensing
  • Covert black wiring
  • Battery backup siren

Thatcham Approval No: TMC1-118/1102

These units are generally sold "fitted" because for full Thatcham approval they need to be signed off and certificated by a qualified technician. Our staff are trained by Meta.

Price of the M357T V2 fitted is £350.00

Meta Motorcycle Alarms

Alarm Upgrade

Moto Defcom Alarm Upgade

For those that have motorcycles that come "Thatcham" immobilised from the factory, Meta have produced the Moto Defcom which is simply an alarm system that integrates with the immobiliser already available. To the end user essentially both the V2 and the V2-1 are the same and benefit from very similar specifications.

As a norm, factory immobiled bikes are categorised as Thatcham 2 protected. The upgrade of a Defcom system take it to the highest level. ie. Thatcham 1.

Price of the Moto Defcom fitted is £299.00

Both systems are a very simple one button operation.

Please note that both of these systems are hard wired into the bikes wiring loom and will take several hours to install correctly. Additionally with the recent introduction of canline technology, there are now numerous models that we would not suggest the hard wired system. In this case we would offer alternative options. Please give us a call to discuss further. 01508 471919 

Bike Trac Motorcycle Tracker

Bike Trac Motorcycle Tracker

Revolutionising Motorcycle Security

A discreet motorcycle tracker that monitors the movements of your pride and joy in real-time, allowing you to view status and journey history 24/7 with notification of unauthorised movements.

Bike Trac is a small GPS, GPRS, GSM & RF tracking device. It is one of the few stolen vehicle recovery products that is Thatcham Category 6 accredited. What's more, it uses both GPS and RF technology - meaning that even if the GPS signal is lost, the location of the unit can be tracked and recovered.

Bike Trac Key Features

Stealth Installation - As authorised BikeTrac dealers we are trained to ensure that your unit is installed in the most covert location possible, giving the best levels of protection and adhering to Thatcham’s high security standards - it's essential. 

24-7 Operations Centre - Bike Trac's secure operating centre doesn’t sleep, so you’re protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the unthinkable happens, their team contact you via text, phone and email and then liaise directly with the authorities to pinpoint your machine.

Bike Down Alerts - In the case that you should have an accident, your BikeTrac unit will detect that your bike is down and automatically notify your contacts and the secure operations centre. 

Self Maintaining - BikeTrac has its own internal battery, so it doesn’t rely solely on the bike’s own battery for power. If it detects a drop in the bike’s voltage, you’ll receive a helpful text to tell you so. The internal battery lasts for up to 30 days. 

Real-time Monitoring - Once you’ve registered your BikeTrac unit you have total control, 24/7. Edit your details, add loved-ones for notifications and even select the voltage threshold for receiving low battery notifications. Been on a ride? Look back on the journey and download and share the route. 

Records Journeys - Journeys are logged on BikeTrac's interactive map so you can log in, view and share the routes that you have taken and get detailed information such as distance and time. 

Bike Trac Interface

Bike Trac Costs

BikeTrac Supply and Fitting

The cost of the Supply of a Bike Trac unit is £299.00. Fitting is not included in this price.

We offer an all encompassing supply and fit price of £399.00


Once you’ve registered you can log-in 24/7 to check your vehicles real-time location, battery level, journey history and more. 

Bike Trac Subscription Fees

Plan 1 - 12 Months - £99.00
Plan 2 - 24 Months - £179.00
Plan 3 - 36 Months - £229.00


Once your device has been installed, simply complete the registration process and you’ll be protected within minutes. 

Covid-19 Update:
We have a skeleton staff re-booking cancelled jobs and new enquiries received by email during lockdown, processing online orders and handing over bikes (whilst distancing) that were purchased before lockdown. Our workshop is running albeit at a reduced level of manpower (to enable social distancing) and is solidly booked for well over 5 weeks so please expect delays in booking availability. Orders can now be placed online (although we would suggest you wait till 1st June when our Brand New website should be launched) and via email for bikes or product, however not all our suppliers are up and running yet so there could be a short wait. We will keep you informed.

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Opening the shop
We are due to open the shop on the 1st of June, initially on a "by appointment" basis. For now, these can be booked by email however, we anticipate turning the phones back on from Tuesday 26th May - If needed on a part time basis to allow our reduced team to process enquiries as they come in.

Bike Sales
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ALL New Website to assist in distance purchasing:
We have during closure been working very hard to complete our new website which is aimed to make remote transactions much easier. In excess of 10,000 product lines will be available for online purchase (Clothing and Accessories) and we have fine-tuned the finance section for new and used bikes that will allow you to play with the figures to get your ideal quote, soft check your credit eligibility without harming your credit rating and make a full application for finance all within the website. Once agreed we are now able to offer remote finance signing reducing your time in the shop at collection point. We hope to have the new website live on June 1st. (This is a last-minute rush. Please let us know if you encounter any issues on the new site -

Service Unavailable at present
Due to insurance limitations we are currently unable to offer courtesey bikes.
Delivery and collection service is not available, however we can put you in touch with a motorcycle collection and delivery company should you need this service.

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