Sidi Atojo SRS Mens CE Boots - Black

Available to order - est. delivery 7-21 days

The Atojo SRS plastics all have a new design. The toe of the boot is entirely wrapped in a plastic protection enhanced with a geometric design for greater grip. The boot is equipped with protection on the metatarsus: a rigid and replaceable nylon insert protects the inside of the boot in case the rider’s foot slips off the footpeg. The PU heel is shaped and specially moulded to improve foot safety in case of torsional twists and is shaped to ensure comfort and stability. For the lower buckle a spoiler has been added to deflect debris away from the buckle. The ankle panel with the central strap can be replaced by 4 screws that connect it to the boot, and is available in 2 sizes. he boot has three anti hyperextension systems for the foot, all removable: the first is located on the first hinge , the second on the back of the boot (the bootleg leans on the ankle avoiding an extra bending backwards), the third is frontal and it is made up of an innovative system that, through a screw on a replaceable insert, allows a specific tibia flexion range and freezes if bending is excessive. A bootleg in PU, connected to the ankle strap through the second hinge, protects the back of the boot and is positioned between the upper and the lining. The PU shin plate is anatomically shaped, its structure also extends under the upper to increase protection. (SID21)


Brand Sidi
Gender Mens
Material Technomicro
Colour Black
Product Code: SD0780798-GROUP

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