Kawasaki U-Lock – Inside 10X27Cm

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Developed to fit perfectly under the seat. Made from hardened steel with special security locking mechanism. European manufacture. SRA + ART 4**** approved. Inner dimensions: 10 x 27 cm. Weight: 2,48 kg.Recommendations:178LOS0004 U-lock 270 mm: Z650 2017~ Ninja 650 2017~ J125/J300 2016~ Versys-X 300 2017~178LOS0005 U-lock 210 mm: J125/J300 2016~ Versys 650 2007~ Versys-X 300 2017~178LOS0006 U-lock 210 mm + Genuine Versys 1000 U-lock bracket: Versys 1000 2007~

Brand Kawasaki

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Product Code: 178LOS0006-GROUP

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