Ducati Diavel – A statement in personality

This is the second generation Ducati Diavel model with an 11 degree twin spark engine that has aided in a smoother power delivery at low RPM ranges.

Still truly a bike ready to flex it’s muscular 160 bhp of power, the Ducati Diavel simply oozes character. It is one of few bikes that will make you want to shut the throttle as the sound tune of the engine over run is simply infectious.

Whether you see it parked or on the move, its distinctive design and aggressive stance turns heads time and time again.

Don’t be misled by the rear tyre size, this bike goes round corners, pulls like a train and with 8 level traction control and 3 level ABS M50 Brembo calipers, it accelerates and stops exceptionally well (and as safely as possible).

This Diavel simply has to be ridden to be believed. Give Sales a call on 01508 471919 and book your road test now.

Other than the Carbon fibre bodywork and the machined and polished wheel rims, this base model mimics the Ducati Diavel Carbon.

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Ducati Diavel

The Engine

The Diavel’s heart is the Ducati Testastretta 11° Dual Spark (DS) – developed directly from the incredibly powerful, world-beating race engines of Ducati Corse. Ducati’s Testastretta 11° DS harnesses the immense power of the Superbike engine and makes it smoother and more linear, combining high performance with an enjoyable and perfectly manageable ride.

To create an engine with this blend of brute power and supreme usability, Ducati carefully developed its cam timing with a particular focus on the valve overlap angle. Defined as the period of crankshaft rotation (in degrees) during which both intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time, this overlap angle is set at 11° on the Diavel’s engine – much less than the 41° used by Ducati’s Superbike engines. As a result the fresh inlet charge is less compromised by exiting exhaust gases, resulting in smoother combustion, improved fuel economy, and lower exhaust emissions.

Along these same lines, the Testastretta 11° DS employs several other technological advances. Targeted injectors direct their charge to the intake valves, which provides better vaporization of the air/fuel mixture. This compressed intake charge is ignited by twin spark plugs in each chamber for rapid and even combustion. And after exiting the combustion chamber, a secondary air system burns off any residual fuel molecules, allowing a richer mixture to be used without increasing emissions. As a combined result of these technologies the Testastretta 11° DS is the perfect base for the Diavel – full of character, and producing tremendous power that give unmatched acceleration, along with smooth and controllable delivery for cruising the boulevard at any speed.


The Ride-by-Wire (RbW) system is an electronic interface between the Diavel’s twistgrip and engine, which configures an ideal power response depending on the riding mode selected.
The twistgrip does not have a mechanical cable connected directly to the throttle body butterflies, but instead delivers an electrical signal to a control unit, which in turn opens the butterfly electronically.

The RbW system uses three different mappings to regulate the power delivery:

  • 162hp with a sports-type delivery
  • 162hp with a progressive delivery suitable for touring
  • 100hp with progressive delivery for city use

Exhaust system

The oversized exhaust pipes with 58mm cross-section are part of a system which has been redesigned to maximise power and improve the efficiency and distribution of the Diavel. The system is equipped with a lambda probe for each individual cylinder, in order for the fuel injection to be optimised and managed autonomously via the large airbox.

The vertically stacked cannon silencers are equipped with catalytic converters that ensure compliance with Euro 3 standards, while the electronically controlled adjustment valve optimises exhaust pressure. The exhaust system is enhanced by the manifolds, treated with black ceramic Zircotec, and the silencers, with a brushed steel outer cover.

Riding Modes

The Ducati Diavel incorporates the very latest in innovative Ducati technologies, such as electronic Riding Modes. Selectable from the left-hand switchgear – even while riding – the choice of three pre-set modes are programmed to instantly change the character of the Diavel. The three modes are enabled by combining class-leading technologies such as Ride-by-Wire (RbW) and Ducati Traction Control (DTC).

As riding on city streets can require more attention to the surroundings than to throttle inputs, the Urban Riding Mode instantly changes the Diavel to provide a manageable and confident ride in the city. Power output is reduced to 100hp and DTC is set at level 5, perfectly adapting the bike to variable pavement conditions and the chaos of stop-and-go traffic.

The Touring Riding Mode allows the engine to deliver its full 162hp, but with a smooth, user-friendly power delivery curve. DTC system intervention is set at level 4, which provides an enjoyable and relaxing ride ideal for long distances while ensuring maximum comfort for both the rider and passenger.

The Sport Riding Mode produces pure adrenaline, with the engine’s full 162hp delivered with precise and sporty throttle response for maximum acceleration. For the undiluted Diavel experience, Sport mode also lowers the DTC system intervention to level 3, for riders who like to explore the bike’s incredible performance a little closer to the limit of traction.




Instruments Handlebar mounted instrumentation with LCD display: speed, rpm, time, coolant temp. Warning lights for: Neutral, turn signals, high-beam, rev-limit, DTC intervention, ABS status, oil pressure, fuel reserve. Tank mounted instrumentation with TFT colour display: gear selected, air temp, battery voltage, trips 1 & 2, fuel reserve trip, average and actual fuel consumption, average speed, trip time, scheduled maintenance. Full status and/or management of Riding Modes, DTC, RbW and ABS
Warranty 2 Years Unlimited Mileage Extendable
Service Interval 9000 miles / 12 Months (Whichever is the sooner)
Valve Clearance 18,000 miles


Frame Tubular steel Trellis frame
Wheelbase 1590mm (62.6in)
Rake 28°
Trail 130 mm
Front Suspension Marzocchi DLC coated 50mm fully adjustable usd forks
Front Wheel 14-spoke in light alloy 3.50 x 17
Front Wheel Travel 120mm (4.7in)
Front Brake 2 x 320mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Monobloc Brembo callipers, 4-piston with ABS
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR 17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II
Rear Suspension Progressive linkage with fully adjustable monoshock. Aluminium single-sided swingarm
Rear Wheel 14-spoke in light alloy 8.00 x 17
Rear Wheel Travel 120mm (4.7in)
Rear Brake 265mm disc, 2-piston floating calliper with ABS
Rear Tyre 240/45 ZR 17
Fuel Capacity 17l - (5.3 US gal)
Dry Weight 210kg (463lb)
Wet Weight
Seat Height 770mm (30.3in)
Max Height 1400mm (55.1in)
Max Length 2150mm (84.6in)


Type L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled
Displacement 1198.4
Bore And Stroke 106x67.9mm
Compression Ratio 12,5:1
Power 152hp (112kW) @ 9000rpm
Torque 91 lb-ft (123Nm) @ 8000rpm
Fuel Delivery Electronic fuel injection system, Mikuni elliptical throttle bodies. Ride by Wire controlled.
Exhaust Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and two lambda probes. Twin aluminium mufflers
Emissions Euro 4
Gearbox 6-Speed
Ratio 1=37/15 2=30/17 3=27/20 4=24/22 5=23/24 6=22/25
Primary Drive Straight cut gears, ratio 1.84:1
Final Drive Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 43
Clutch Light action, wet, multiplate clutch with hydraulic control. Self-servo action on drive, slipper action on over-run.

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