Motorcyclists are 23% better behind the wheel of a car

15th November 2013

Motorcyclists are 23% better behind the wheel of a car

At last, proof from a leading insurance company's data that shows we are safer behind the wheel of a car than non-motorcyclists!

In fact 23% safer according to Equity Red Star, a market leading specialist motor insurer who compared car drivers to car users who also have an insured motorcycle.  They discovered the latter 23% less likely on average to make a claim on their car policy.

The firm also adjusted the figures to take into account the different typical ages of car drivers and motorcyclists, and still found the riders to be 21% better behind the wheel. The results showed motorcyclists were 20% less likely to make a bodily injury claim on their car policy.

The insurer examined 200 million policies between 2007 and 2012.  Rob Clark, Equity Red Star’s Head of Retail Motor, said: “A motorcyclist could, behind the wheel of a car, be said to be 23% better.”

Mr Clark presented the data at a conference organised by the Motorcycle Industry Association to examine evidence that increasing the number of motorcyclists on the road could actually improve safety!  Sounds good to us, we think this is an excellent idea!

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