5 Things That Annoy Bikers

16th July 2013

5 Things That Annoy Bikers

Biking is great and needless to say we love motorcycles, but we were having a discussion here and discovered there are a few things that annoy us bikers.  See if you agree?

1.  The British Weather

It may be glorious sunshine today (midweek) but what happens on the weekend when you plan a day out on the bikes along the coast road, yep the skies turn grey and down comes the rain.  Even when you check the forecast and it says rain so you make other arrangements, then there's a heatweave or vice versa and the forecast says sun you get just far away enough from your house to guarantee that you will be utterly soaked when the inevitable thunder storm arrives!  Actually there's nothing you can do about this one so we all agreed you need to make the most of the weather when its good and just go for it.

2.  Bike Nods

Good bike etiquette or a pain in the behind?  Who nods first and do you nod at everyone, does it depend on what he/she’s riding and how you’re feeling and then how annoyed are you when you nod and they don't, you kind wish you hadn't bothered. 

3.  Motorcycle Insurance

Unlike life insurance, motorcycle insurance generally gets lower for the more mature and experienced riders among us (mentioning no names, but you know who you are).  Unfortunately, just like car insurance for the young and inexperienced insuring a motorbike can be costly.  We all agreed that shopping around is a must, bike insurance quotes vary enormously from company to company and today with the many comparison websites it's much easier to get insurance quotes.

4.  Bike Thieves

If you've ever had your pride and joy stolen then you know it's really is no laughing matter.  Unfortunately as long at there are motorcycles around there will be unsavoury characters who want to steal them.  Today there are now more sophisticated alarms, datatag security kits and bike tracking systems available and although the costs have reduced from a few years ago they can still be expensive, but gives you a better chance of getting your bike back.

5.  Being Beaten by a Car

You are sitting at the lights on your 160bhp machine and super sticky tyres but he has four wheel drive, huge brakes and 340bhp. Do you go for it and show no mercy or do you play it cool and let them know in quiet way you can if you want to.  

So that's our top 5 things that annoy bikers, there are probably several more, why not share your thoughts in the comments box below, but please try and keep it clean and polite!!!!

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