About Seastar Superbikes

About Seastar Superbikes


Address: Seastar Superbikes, The Garage, Ipswich Road, Newton Flotman, Norwich, Norfolk. NR15 1PN


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About Seastar Superbikes

A Bit of History

Starting during the grey-import boom during the early nineteen nineties, Seastar Superbikes have not only survived but grown out of the warehouse in which the company started and in 1997 into a huge former filling station that we still occupy. Want to see a grown man cry? Get him to fill in two large petrol tanks with concrete! (26 lorry loads no less) Thousands of pounds of concrete poured into a hole in the ground!

We became main dealers for Kawasaki during 2003, joined Ducati in 2007 and built the bespoke Ducati Store (now known as Ducati Norwich) in 2015. Investment remains ongoing, our motorcycle clothing department has seen continual expansion over the last 20 years with Dainese joining the brand portfolio in 2016.

Vince and all the staff at Seastar Superbikes are driven by insatiable curiosity and a real desire to give the service they would want themselves. It is thanks to the total dedication of the whole team and the appreciation of our highly valued customers that Ducati Norwich were not only presented "Dealer Of The Year" but also the "Customer Satisfaction Award".

So, when you are looking to understand the mis-fire you are experiencing at 120 miles per hour (on a private road of course) you will have come to the right place. Not only do the staff possess a vast knowledge of both grey and UK motorcycles, our facilities allow us to investigate these issues in a safe environment both for our staff and your pride and joy.

Seastar's own Dyno facilities on the premises means that your machine can be run to flat out while monitoring gas/air mixture in and out. Anyone can have those facilities but knowing how to translate that information into worthwhile action takes experience. Lots of it.

The same experience will stand you in good stead if you need to check your machine's frame or, if need be, straighten it. We have our own jig and, once again, experienced staff will do their best to give you the best result.

So other than selling both New and Used motorcycles, the services that we offer are:

  1. Supply and Fitting of Motorcycle Parts & Accessories
  2. Motorcycle Servicing (All Brands)
  3. Repairs (Mechanical or Accident)
  4. MOT's
  5. Dyno Diagnostics, Fuel Tuning and Healthchecks
  6. Frame Alignment Correction
  7. Tyre Supply and Fitment

Clothing Store

Quality motorcycle clothing has become much more available and we have pleasure in stocking a selection of the creme de la creme. By browsing our on-line catalogues not only can you see the colours and details of each item but you can buy on-line too. Better still, come and see us where our trained staff are able to offer custom fitting of both motorcycle helmets and bespoke leather suits whilst offering the best advice to find the item you are looking for that best serves your needs.

Our brand portfolio is comprehensive. With variations of fit between manufacturers, our vast selection will hopefully ensure that we have something to suit all.

The Brands

  • Helmets: AGV, Shoei and Arai
  • Boots: Alpinestars, Sidi, Dainese and RST
  • Clothing: Ducati, Kawasaki, RST, Wolf, Held, Alpinestars and Dainese
  • Thermals and Heated Clothing: Proskins and Kies
  • Armour and Protection: Knox, Dainese, RST and Alipnestars

If you can't find what you are looking for then please ask.

It's what we're here for !

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Seastar Superbikes can be found 6 miles south of Norwich on the A140 main Norwich to Ipswich road.

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